Monday, November 24, 2008

Women Who ROCK

During my lunch break, I checked out The New York Times website to catch some fresh news, and, to my total surprise, found this monumental tidbit:

For a debriefing, it's about three girls in Saudi Arabia who started a rock band. In Saudi, this is incredibly taboo. Imagine busting out of your black robes, picking up a guitar, and rocking your ass off in a country that believes women should be covered and quiet. I can't describe how much hope this gives me for women in the Middle East, and how much I admire these young women for their courage and creativity. I'm thinking of writing them a letter, and I'll surely check out their myspace page to hear some of their music. (They are called the Accolade).

Bottom line? Women rock, and they rock now MORE THAN EVER.

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