Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Lady Boss

7:37 PM - Medford Square - Monday night, December 1st

I was heading out of CVS, birth control perscription in hand, and feeling bummed that the song "November Rain" was no longer applicable to the current weather and month. Two short kids, who I judged could not be any older than 12 years, came around the corner. One of the kids was on a bike, and one strode behind him.

"Hello." He looked me up and down.

I nodded, gave him a weird look, and said "Hey."

"WAIT UP, N*$$*R...WAIT UP, N*$$*R!" Smooth talker called out to his pal on the bike.
I wanted to snap at the kid to never use such a horrible and degrading word, but didn't have a chance as the two kids shot out into the middle of the road, nearly getting hit by oncoming traffic. Now, across the street and behind me just a bit, smooth talker decided to try something.

"Hey, baby?! BABY! Hey SEXY!" This kid hollered across the road to me. Already feeling odd swinging my birth control in a baggie, I kept on trucking.

"YO! My friend likes you."

End scene.

* * * * *

10:02 AM - My place of employment - Tuesday, December 2nd

Two young men step up to the counter as I'm training one of my employees on a transaction.

"Do you like having a lady boss?" the short guy asks my male employee. Prajesh, unsure what to say, gave him a funny look and chuckled a little.

"Excuse me? A what?" I asked.

"A lady boss. You like when she bosses you around like that? (directed to Prajesh)."

I stood, bewildered, unable to keep myself from making various comments - "What the hell?" - yet not wanting to tell off a customer.

"I have a lady boss too."

"Oh yeah, and how is she?" I inquired.

"She's bossy."

End scene.

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Anonymous said...

Hey! I dig your blog, dude. Found it via your facebook comment... I tried doing this once. Yours is more entertaining, which I would expect from you. Keep writing!