Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Mike FM and his chauvanist antics

It's hard enough to find a radio station that doesn't suck out of sheer repetitiveness without having to deal with solicitation of the radio station that reeks of 1970's smarmy maleness. I usually listen to my college's radio station, WERS - probably the best college radio station in the country (from Emerson College). Yet, even indie rock has its own replayable canon.

I tuned into a station called Mike FM when I scrolled through the dial and heard REM's "Man on the Moon" playing. Then, comes the inveitable commerical that went something like this:

MALE RADIO ANNOUNCER VOICE: Your boss has only one request for you...that you stop sleeping with his wife.
VOICE OF THE BOSS MAN IN "OFFICE SPACE": Yeah, um, could you go ahead and do that from now on? Thaaaanks.

Haha! Soooooo funny. Right here we're assuming that A) One's boss is male, and B) Men strive to do nothing more than sleazily sleep with their superior's women folk. Did I miss something here? Are we still living in the Victorian Age? Do women not also listen to the radio and perhaps enjoy female announcer voices once in a while that they can identify with and male voices that don't push the sleaze and treat women (wives) as things to be had?

I realize I'm being a bit picky here, but it's precisely these short messages our ears are bombarded with all day long that create sexist attitudes.

Mike FM - kiss my un-wifely, female ass.

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Lauren said...

You forgot that they're also assuming that you, the listener, are male. (Or possibly lesbian. Right, *that's* what they're assuming.)